What To Do with That Found USB Stick

I found a USB stick in the street the other day. This is not the first thumb drive I have found, and apparently this is not an unusual event, as some reports indicate that dry cleaners find thousands of them (along with some more unsavory items) each year.

The ability to write malware code onto USB sticks is not a new phenomenon, and the “USB drop” technique is used by some security assessment companies to test staff awareness. There is even a smartly priced commercially available version of a USB onto which one can load customized code.

Curiosity killed the cat, the famous saying goes.
Curiosity may also get your computer infected with malware if you can’t resist it.

It turns out that most people would plug a USB stick they found on the street into their computers and will look at what’s on it.

Needless to say, this is WRONG.


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