Separate your registration and work email

When your alarm goes off in the morning, what’s the first thing you check?

Most people will tap on one of two apps: their email app or their go-to social media account. You probably can’t even remember what your morning routine looked like before this. I know I can’t.

For most of us (myself included), email is our digital home. That’s where we keep our contacts for the people we love and for the people we work with. It’s where we hoard newsletters subscriptions and wishlists, pictures and documents, love and hate digital letters and SO much more.

So no matter what click-bait titles tell you, email is not dead. Not at all!

In fact, people all over the world rely on email for a big chunk of their communication. In 2015, 205 billion emails travelled from outbox to inbox every single day

Emails used to register accounts for important online projects, such as an Amazon seller shops, web domains, etc; should not also be used as work emails.

When you keep the account information email separate from the work email, you minimize the chance of cybercriminals locking you out of your project in case the work email gets compromised

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