Safe shopping: how to spot a trustworthy website

Here’s how to spot a legit online shopping website from a scam one:

1. Visit the About page or check out the Footer. A legit one provides complete information about the company.

Did you find all the necessary identification data? Is there contact information, such as the street or phone number?
If you only found a contact form, that’s a bad sign.
Another bad indicator is if they’re using a free public domain for their email address, such as Gmail or Yahoo, instead of the website’s domain.

2. Take your time and read the Terms and Conditions, Guarantee, Privacy and Return / Refund policies.

This way, you’ll stay informed and know your rights. You might discover hidden charges or services.
Check if the company offers shipping insurance or refunds, in case your package is lost or damaged.
You should also pay attention to discrepancies – does the website say one thing on a page and contradicts somewhere else?

3. Other red flags: poor grammar, misspellings, stolen photos, stock photos, low quality / resolution photos.
And, as a rule of thumb, if a product’s price is much lower than you can find on any other websites, you can bet it’s a scam.

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