Do a security risk assessment checklist

In “The Art of War”, Sun Tzu said that you should fully know your enemy and know yourself.

Translating this into secureteeh world plan of attack:

  • Do an information assessment list. What type of data do you have stored on your devices? (It can be photos, work documents, but also passwords or account login credentials).
  • What online accounts do you have? Which do you use more often?
  • After you made the list, evaluate how valuable is the data that you keep on them. What would happen if you wouldn’t have access to them anymore or that information was lost, deleted or leaked online?
  • How do you keep the most sensitive information safe? What security measures did you take in order to prevent something to happen to your data?
  • What about shared files and devices? Who else has access to that data?
  • What backup solutions do you have in place?

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