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Careful when clicking Accept (Adware)

The truth is that no one reads the Terms and Conditions. We just scroll and click “Accept”, so we can get to the point where we can use the apps we install and do what we need to do.

However, when using new software whose trustworthiness you’re unsure of, it’s best to at least glance over the terms and conditions before clicking “I agree” or “Accept”.

Online crooks sometimes slip adware into otherwise safe software installers, and they bury it in the fine print of the terms and conditions. Since no one reads it, users unknowingly install adware that can potentially open up their systems to other cyber threats.

So please only install software from trusted sources and be careful of what it can hide.

Keep your router’s software up to date.

Just like any other hardware, even routers rely on their own software to run properly. Quite often, vulnerabilities and bugs slip into the code and allow malicious hackers to launch attacks against the Wi-Fi router, potentially allowing them to intercept the data, and inject malware.
We’ve talked before about how important it is to set up a secure password for your Wi-Fi, the one people use to actually connect to the router. But one other aspect of Wi-Fi security is to make sure the admin data for the router itself is secure.

Why browser cookies are a security risk

How do various websites remember your password and account registration info?

In a word, cookies. These are small files which contain information sites use for various tasks. Besides remembering your account info, these can be used to track what pages users visit the most or to personalize what ads to display.

While not themselves harmful, cyber criminals may use cookies to either collect the information in them (accounts and passwords) or to keep track of infected computers.

Free pirated software is expensive

Millions of users, instead of checking out the latest movie listings, were greeted with a warning from Google upon visiting Kickass Torrents. Photo:

Cutting costs using pirated software can quickly become stressful, expensive and time consuming.

Since pirating websites aren’t strongly policed it’s easy for cyber criminals to infect a program with malware, which can then spread to thousands of users.

Google often flags these websites and warns you if there is a high chance of stumbling across malware.

Google’s Safe Browsing page again includes an advisory to avoid Kickass Torrents. The free movies just aren’t worth a potential computer infection. Photo: Google