What is a Botnet & How to Prevent Your PC From Being Enslaved

What is Botnet?

A botnet is a network of infected computers that communicate with each other in order to perform the same malicious actions, like launching spam campaigns or distributed denial-of-service attacks. The network can be controlled remotely by online criminals to serve their interests and, at the same time, this allows the hackers to avoid detection or legal actions by law agencies.

  • attack other computers,
  • send spam or phishing emails,
  • deliver ransomware,
  • spyware, or many other similar malicious acts.

You’ve probably read about the massive cyber attacks launched by botnets against networks, DNS providers and routers across the world. The consequences were very real and quite impactful as well.

Well, these attacks were powered by infected Internet of Things devices, such as Internet-connected cameras, fridges and other such gadgets.

If you have such a device at home or plan on buying one, you should know that attackers can infect it in less than 4 minutes since you’ve connected it to your Wi-fi network.

What you can do stop this from happening:

  • Change the default username and passwords on your device (this is critical!)
  • Use a strong password when you set a new one
  • Protect your home Wi-fi network with basic measures
  • Keep your IoT gadgets’ software up to date (this is critical too!).

These are the very basic measures you can take for your safety. Plus, they’ll contribute to making the Internet a safer place too!

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